Teaching Staff

Senior Management Team


Dr Fiona Grant

Depute Rectors

Mrs Anne Macbeath

Mr Grant Mackenzie

Miss Carrie Bennett (Acting)

Faculty of Art, Design & Technologies

Art & Design

Mr Craig Ross (Faculty Head)

Miss Penny Hay

Mrs Nicole Lamont


Mr Euan Gentry

Mrs Jenna Davidson

Miss Jodie Anderson

Miss Claire Patterson

Faculty of Home Economics, Music & PE


Mr Sebastian Sandecki (Acting Faculty Head)

Mr Liam Hely

Mrs Pamela Bain

Mrs Jill Gunn (Principal Teacher Pupil Support)

Home Economics

Miss Amanda Farquhar


Mr George Sutherland

Faculty of English and Modern Languages


Ms Anne MacArthur (Faculty Head)

Mrs Mari Matthews

Mrs Siony Swanson

Mr Chris Watson

Mr Daniel Brazil

Modern Languages

Mrs Carole Darmady

Mr Daniel Lewis


Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Business


Mr Brett Ellis (Faculty Head)

Miss Kirsty Orr

Mr Mark Peden

Mrs Gwyneth Sutherland

Mr Chris McBean

Mr John Macbeath (Maths/Science)

Computing & IT

Mr Chris Aitken

Administration & Business Studies

Mrs Lucy Bremner

Mrs Margaret McBean


Pupil Support


Mrs Kieran Clasper (Principal Teacher Pupil Support)

Mrs Jill Gunn (Principal Teacher Pupil Support)

Mr Neil Macintosh (Principal Teacher Pupil Support, Acting)

Additional Support Needs

Mrs Debbie Shearer (Principal Teacher Additional Support Needs)

Mrs Lisa Hendry

Mr Richard Clarkson

Mrs Basia Sandecka

Mrs Heather Anderson

Mrs Michelle Costello

Faculty of Science


Mr Louis Santos

Ms Sandra Machray


Mrs Margaret McBean

Mr David Shand (Faculty Head of Science, Acting)


Mr Peter Darmady

Mr Neil Lamont

Faculty of Social Subjects & Religious and Moral Education


Mrs Shona Laybourne (Faculty Head)

Mrs Kieran Clasper (Principal Teacher Pupil Support)

Miss Claire Christie


Miss Caitlin Morrison

Miss Katie Eslick

Mr Jordan Tillier

Modern Studies

Mr Neil Macintosh (Principal Teacher Pupil Support) (Acting)


Miss Eleanor Stobo

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