Dress Code

At Wick High School we aim to create a professional and comfortable environment in which to learn and achieve. Our dress code is fundamental to this aim. Please find a summary of our revised dress code policy below as well as a downloadable copy available by clicking HERE.

The school dress code is:

  • Dark plain black trousers, jeans or skirt
  • A black or a white shirt with or without the school tie
  • Sweatshirt, hooded top, fleece, blazer or zipped top in black (no logos or markings).
  • A black or a white T-shirt or polo shirt
  • Black or white shoes or trainers

The following items are not part of our dress code:

  • Anything displaying advertising, slogans or logos
  • Tracksuit trousers and tops
  • Football strips/scarves
  • Branded items
  • Leggings, thick tights, jeggings etc. in place of a skirt or trousers


  • We require all pupils to follow our “Hats Off Inside” rule. This also applies to hooded tops.
  • Pupils should expect to take off outdoor clothing in class.
  • Skirts should be of an acceptable length. We will not accept short skirts or tube skirts. Leggings worn with long T-shirt style tops are not acceptable.
  • All tops must cover the shoulders and be full length. It is important that the top (i.e. shirt) and the bottom (i.e. trousers or skirt) meet and there are no bare midriffs visible.
  • Pupils should avoid purchasing outdoor jackets with large brand names and writing.

Changes in fashion sometimes lead to unsuitable clothing or accessories being worn and we are sure that parents will understand that the school has to make judgments on clothing styles on some occasions.

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