Guidance Teachers & Year Heads

Wick High School has a Guidance team of three teachers who each are responsible for classes within one or more of the school’s five houses; Fergus, Morven, Noss, Rumster and Scaraben. The table below shows which Guidance teacher is assigned to each registration class as well as the relevant Year Head for each class.

Class Guidance Year Head
1F N Mackintosh G Mackenzie
1M J Gunn G Mackenzie
1N K Clasper G Mackenzie
1R J Gunn G Mackenzie
1S K Clasper G Mackenzie
2F N Mackintosh A Macbeath
2M J Gunn A Macbeath
2N K Clasper A Macbeath
2R J Gunn A Macbeath
2S N Mackintosh A Macbeath
3F N Mackintosh C Bennett
3M J Gunn C Bennett
3N K Clasper C Bennett
3R J Gunn C Bennett
3S N Mackintosh C Bennett
4M N Mackintosh A Macbeath
4N K Clasper A Macbeath
4R J Gunn A Macbeath
4S K Clasper A Macbeath
5F N Mackintosh C Bennett
5M K Clasper C Bennett
5N K Clasper C Bennett
5R J Gunn C Bennett
5S J Gunn C Bennett
6F N Mackintosh G Mackenzie
6M N Mackintosh G Mackenzie
6N K Clasper G Mackenzie
6R J Gunn G Mackenzie
ASN/Class 1 Various Various